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Tianjin Shenghao Marine Environmental Protection Engineer Co.,Ltd

Tianjin Shenghao Marine Environmental Protection Engineer Co.,Ltd (Tianjin Shenghao for short) was established in June 2011.Tianjin shenghao is a harbor service coroperation approved by the Tianjin transportation and Port Authority, Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration, Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, Tianjin General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection,Tianjin Customs District of People’s Republic of China.It Specialized in ship oil spill emergency disposal , receiving oily water and cleaning oil tank ,the supply of marine bunker, food and material ; shipping voyage repair and tank cleaning;oil and oil pipeline leakage and traffic boat leasing service.

    Tianjin Shenghao has become Level 1 of Marine Oil-Spill Response Unit approved by the Ministry of Transport in November 2011.To guarantee higher quality better environment and healthier safety management, we has already passed the authentication of ISO9001-IS014001-OHSAS18000 in July 2012.

    Now Shenghao has 9 senior commandars, 15 on-site commandars, 60 operators,They all trained and registered by MSA, China. Shenghao has 2 oil spill emergency disposal vessels and 8emergency auxiliary vessels. Among them,The both side rate of M/V SHENG HAO HUAN BAO of oil collecting is 300M³/per hour. It is the main force to conducting oil spill response of our company.

    We invested a warehouse with 1700 square meters in the petrochemical area from the southern area of the Tianjin Port in order to store and safe keeping the oil spill emergent and collective equipment. It put in use in February 2012.

    With well-equipped professional equipment and well-trained emergent staffs and all staffs hard working,our company has already concluded more than 3500 SPRO Agreement and vessel’s sludge & Oily Water Receive Agreement with more than 310 international shipping enterprises.Otherwise we provide integrated services for our agreed ships calling at Tianjin port.We enjoyed a good reputation among ships owners and local authorities.Our clients including.

    Until now, Shenghao had totally carried out 29 pollution responses and clean-up actions, of which there are 17 actions happened at Tianjin port and Bohai water area including 5 times nobody admitting the oil-spill and 2 times chemical response,especially we kept on working 38 days continuously for the TAOYUAN accident which was happened on Aug 25th 2015. we totally dispatch hundreds of vessels of emergent ships;involving thousands of emergent staffs and hundreds of vehicles;we using hundred sets of clean-up equipment per response;consuming hundred tons of clean-up materials with different types.As a result,we won a good reputation from Marine Safety Authority.

    In the development of economic globalization,"Environmental Protection" has also been considered as the eternal theme.We promise we will devote ourselves to this eternal theme and protect our beauty home continuously under our under the leadership of Chairman Mr Men Hongsheng.