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Until now, Shenghao had totally carried out 20 pollution responses and clean-up actions, of which there are 18 actions happened at Tianjin port and Bohai water area including 5 times nobody admitting the oil-spill and 3 times chemical response,we kept on working 38 days continuously for the TAOYUAN accident which was happened on Aug 25th 2015.Especially, After the serious accident of  "8Ÿ.12"  Ruihai Warehouse Explosionin 2015, our Company developed warning plan for northern harbor branch channel soas to prevent the rainwater, fire water and waste from polluting the waters ofTianjin Port through the seven offshore outfalls around the explosion areaduring the rescue in a effectively manner, and avoid any unnecessary losses.Our Company initiated and implemented this plan in a timely manner dividing thenorthern harbor branch channel into to Warning Area No.1 and Warning Area No.2according to locations of rainwater offshore outfalls of Beijiang Port Area andarranging 8 emergency response ships for 24h walk-around inspection. Thismonitoring task should not be released until the competent department gaveorder at noon of September 8.